Team and Individual

Picture Day for your team should be quick, easy and efficient! Danielle Woods Photography will provide that and more. I will have enough staff to support the size of your organization. There are no paper order forms to deal with. I will post the photos in a private online gallery. You don’t have to search through the whole team or organization - you will have a code for just your kid(s)! I provide new and exciting graphics to add that wow to your athlete’s photos.


Team Composites

Using green screen technology, I will composite an exciting and unique team photo for your team.

Individual - Green Screen

I will offer multiple poses for your individual. You can build packages based one one or multiple poses!

Individual -

Not all positions are the same. When it comes to creating images of athletes, there are a few positions that demand a different posing (for example, goalies). I tune into these differences and insure that your images are something you love.