Danielle Woods

Danielle Woods

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Meet Danielle

I didn't always want to be a photographer.  In fact, it never dawned on me to do that as a job.  That is, until my oldest son's first travel hockey season.  I couldn't get enough photos and practice!  As a goalie mom, maybe I had an underlying strategy to be focused on the lens rather than all these kids attacking mine with a puck!  Well it worked out for me (and YOU!).  That is how this sports photographer was born! I am a Raleigh based photographer covering the entire Triangle area! I love to travel so let me know if you need me outside the Triangle.

What else should you know about me?

  • I love coffee and wine (but certainly not together!)

  • I love to lift weights - especially barbells. Anything related gets me really excited!!

  • I love to laugh and because of this, my favorite movie is Hitch. I still laugh each time I watch it!

  • My favorite food is.... coconut. Anything coconut flavored or with coconut in it. I recently discovered dried coconut chips and they are the BOMB!

  • I'm an (insta)Pot head! I live for my Instant Pot (it's an electric pressure cooker). If I was paid a fee for all the Instant Pots I've convinced friends to buy.....I could retire! I cook anything I can in that thing (especially during hockey season when schedules are hectic).

  • I love Yankee Candles!!

is it the name? No. 
Is it because I'm a yankee? No (but I am). 

It's because the smell lasts until you burn the last drop of wax. It's because they burn evenly until the last drop of wax.  I'm kind of a candle snob - it can ONLY be Yankee Candle!

  • I absolutely LOVE watching the olympics. I have a bi-annual Olympic party complete with lit up Olympics rings that I hang from my porch during the two weeks of the Olympics! When I was a kid my brother and I would build ski jumps and luge runs (among others) out of legos